Machine Rentals

Call or email for pricing.

Rentals Include

Our rentals include delivery, and pickup.  We will setup the machine and get it going.  The price also includes the first mix, salt (if you go with margaritas), 50 cups, and 50 straws.  You will provide alcohol if any used.  We generally deliver the day of your event and pick up the following day.   There is an additional charge for machines picked up after 9pm.  There will be additional mixes with the machine which are $15 plus tax each (you only pay for what you use).  The machine freezes the product so no need for ice.  

Sales & Service

We sale mix, parts, new and used machines.

Do you have a broken machine, call us, we can fix it!

Machine Leasing

We handle long and short term leasing.  Call or email for pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the rental include?

We deliver, setup, pickup and clean machine when your done.  The rental also includes the 1st mix, 50 cup, 50 straws, and salt if you do margaritas.  Every machine is delivered on a cart. 

How much are additional mixes?

Additional mixes are $15 plus tax each.  With every deliver we send extra mixes, you only pay for what you use.

Do you have other flavors besides margaritas?

Yes we have a large selection of mixes to choose from.  Let us know the flavor you want and if we don’t have it at the moment we can get ASAP. 

What type of electrical connection do I need?

All of our machines need a dedicated 15 amp 110 volt plug (a regular household plug).  If you don’t have the correct power the machine will not work properly (which also damages machine). 

Does your mix contain alcohol? 

No.  All of our mixes are non-alcoholic, which makes these great for kid parties too…I mean what kid doesn’t like a slushy? 

Does Rockin Ritas provide alcohol? 

No.  We do not provide alcohol.  If you would like alcohol you must provide it.  

Can I use my own mix?

 No.  Our mix is made specifically for frozen drink machines.  Other mixes will damage machine. 

How does delivery work?

We deliver all our machines.  No customer pickups.  We generally deliver same day of your event and pickup following day.